A breakthrough in skincare technology.

Enjoy soft, silky feet with the Sof'feet Footcare System.  Created by a dermatologist, the Sof'feet Footcare System combines an effective callus reducer with a rich softening cream to help your feet stay their softest.


Designed to reduce calluses and smooth away rough, hardened skin from the feet.


The reducer works best if used on dry feet before shower or bath, and before applying any lotion or cream.  The callus reducer is easy to use; gently rub callused areas to remove hardened skin.  When the screen becomes filled with dry tissue, simply tap the reducer with a dry towel.  After use, a daily application of the Sof'feet Softening Cream is recommended to help keep the feet soft and silky.


Formulated to moisturize and help the feet stay softer, smoother, and silkier.


The Sof'feet Softening Cream is exceptionally thick and long lasting, yet never sticky or greasy.  The softening cream is easily worked into the skin and will feel so wonderful you will want to apply it to other dry skin areas such as your hands, elbows, and knees.  For best results, the softening cream is recommended for application after the use of the Sof'feet Callus Reducer.  The Sof'feet Softening Cream is available in two-, four- and eight-ounce jars.

After just a few minutes of use, it was obvious this tool was the solution. It easily removed my thick callouses within only 10-15 minutes per heel... Great tool. Highly Recommended.
— Scott
I’ve used this product for years... I bought several for my friends and family! It gently and effectively removes dry calluses on my heels without any pain at all!
— Kathleen E. Domato
“I don’t usually write emails like this - but I have to tell you - this is the best callous remover I have ever found - and I’ve tried them all!!!!! I use it all the time - it is better than the callus shavers because you can get your feel really smooth without drawing blood - I love it!!! It works better than the rasps - which never seemed to do much. Thanks for making a great product!
— Julie G, San Diego, CA
“Thanks so much! We love your foot cream. It’s the best and I’ve tried so many.”
— Lynda W, Upland, CA
With this little tool, I don’t have to pay for salon services anymore! I can safely maintain my skin as often as it needs it, and my feet are sandal ready after just one use. If you’re shopping around for an excellent home pedicure tool, the Sof Feet Callus Reducer is the way to go!
— Betsy Mae
“Thank you so much for sending me your product so fast. My feet are so happy now! It is the best foot cream on the market!”
— Jami H, SLC, UT
Used dry, this will be the best way to work those callous and hard heels to an incredible softness.
Other grater type callous removers leave behind a grated feeling, making the need for additional sanding.
Sof’feet will amaze you.
— Barry D. Levine
The best foot cream ever! And I’ve tried them all!! My mom and I have been using it for years!!
— Teresa , Butler, PA